Overcoming Overwhelm – Start Here

The beginning of a new year often brings a sense of being overwhelmed, especially with the expectations to evolve and improve. One of the great benefits of our community is our collective strength to overcome these pressures by sharing success stories and resources to combat the “new year, new congregation” woes. If you’re feeling bogged down or looking for some inspiration, feel free to explore these stories and tools for success –  click on any of the links below!

Think outside the box: Bring your congregation and community together for collaborative innovation. Let your imagination run wild about how your church can create positive change. 

Get to know your neighborhood. Dive into the data to see demographic trends and statistics for the area around your church. Tools like Neighborhood Insights reports and MapDash can help you understand the community context.

Don’t just take a guess. Track vitality across your region. Use tools like the CVA Judicatory Dashboard to monitor sustainability and trends across congregations in your area. Identify needs and opportunities to provide targeted support. 

Use your building as a bridge. Host “discoverable” events to welcome newcomers. Reflect on sources of friction to find renewal. Position yourself at the heart of community life. 

Be forward-thinking. Gather resources and plant seeds for the future of your church. Assess your strengths and opportunities for growth. Put plans in place to build vitality

Even in uncertainty, have a clear vision. Respond with creativity, flexibility and collaboration. See challenges as openings for something new. 

Big inspiration comes from small efforts. Let these stories spark your imagination this new year. What new ideas might work in your community?

We’re happy to provide more details from any of these posts – just let us know. Wishing you a year filled with purpose, possibility and community connections!