Neighborhood Insight Reports

We help congregations survive and thrive in challenging times through data-grounded discernment.

Neighborhood Insights Report (NIR)

The Neighborhood Insights Report is an infographic snapshot of data from a 15-minute DriveTime (or other DriveTime of your choice) of the neighborhoods around a given location. 

It is a report that you can get from your judicatory or regional association if it has a subscription to MapDash for Faith Communities, or if your diocese does not have MapDash, directly from FaithX.

Put in the address of an existing or potential startup congregation town (or drop a virtual pin as in the above screenshot) and quickly explore access to medical care, crime rate, generational/population segment predominance, poverty rate, population/diversity growth, racial/ethnic makeup, religiously unaffiliated percentage, rent/mortgage burden unemployment rate, and much more. Want to dig a little deeper? Click on a selected demographic or analytics and reveal more detailed demographic data. At a glance, you can start to identify where you might need more information and what to do with the information you have.

Take A Look…

On the first page of this report, you can access race and ethnicity, diversity, generational predominance, lifestyle segments, the area diversity index, and population growth projections, income and net worth, and more.

On the second page, you can begin to identify potential challenges such as commute time, crime index, educational attainment, households with a disability, households without internet, medical coverage, poverty, school enrollment, mortgage burden, rent burden, unemployment, and potential opportunities such as contributions to churches and charities, religiously unaffiliated, volunteerism. Of course, all potential challenges can also be potential missional opportunities. 

To find out how FaithX can provide a Neighborhood Insights Report (NIR) and help you discern the challenges and opportunities in the neighborhoods your congregation serves, contact us at [email protected]

Or click here to order a NIR directly from the FaithX website store.