New and Improved: Neighborhood Insights Report 2.3 and MapDash 2.4

By The Rev. Ken Howard

Breaking news from FaithX and our affiliate Datastory! New versions of the Neighborhood Insights Report and MapDash for Faith Communities are now available.

The Neighborhood Insights Report (formerly Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report) has been completely redesigned for greater readability, better organization and faster report generation.

Meanwhile, MapDash has also been enhanced with new features, more kinds of data maps, and faster loading.

Neighborhood Insight Report has several new features in the including:

  • Cleaner and more simplified design, which makes it easier to navigate around in the report, including a larger and more detailed DriveTime map.
  • Faster report generation, which enables report generation in a fraction of the time required by previous versions.
  • Several new user-requested infographics, including:
    • Religiously Unaffiliated: Those who might be open to getting involved with a faith community.
    • Daytime Population Composition: (Residents, Workers, and Total).
    • Educational Attainment: From Less than 9th Grade to Graduate Degree.
    • Housing Tenancy: Redesigned infographic.
    • Visited a Doctor in the Last 12 Months.
    • Age Pyramid: Overall and adjustable by Race/Ethnicity.
    • Population That Doesn’t Speak English.
    • Top Lifestyle Segments: Adjustable by minimum percentage of population.
    • And much more.

MapDash for Faith Communities has also been enhanced in a number of ways, including:

  • Greater load up speed.
  • Greater report generation speed.
  • New Data, including:
    • All Places: Identifies all known business and organizations in an area.
    • Foot Traffic: Where and when people tend to congregate.
    • Missional Opportunity Index: Redesigned. Now comes already installed.
    • Commute Times
    • Health Outcome
    • Suicide Rate
    • Recent Births
    • Religiously Unaffiliated
    • And more…

Meanwhile, other new features and enhancements are in the pipeline for both of these tools, many based on suggestions from users like you. You speak, we listen.

If your congregation would like to find our more about the new Neighborhood Insights Report, or if your judicatory would like to find out more about MapDash, contact us at