Congregational Vitality Assessment – Judicatory Platform 2.0

A window into the health of the congregations in your judicatory

Want to help the congregations of your judicatory (diocese, synod, presbytery, etc.) measure their vitality and sustainability against a common set of metrics?
Need to ask your congregations important questions specific to your judicatory?
Want to assess the effectiveness of your judicatory’s congregational vitality interventions?

The CVA Judicatory Platform does all that and more.

CVA–JP is the only research-grounded, subscription-based, online platform that provides other judicatories the ability to:

  • Administer the Congregational Vitality Assessment directly to their congregations
  • Ask their congregations custom questions specific to your judicatory.
  • Collect the results in a way that allows them to measure congregations’ vitality and sustainability assessment over multiple years.

The Congregational Vitality Assessment measures 11 different aspects of congregational vitality (its capacity to thrive) and 2 aspects of congregation sustainability (its capacity for self sufficiency).

A CVA-JP subscription is normally $2,495/year (covers all updates and upgrades), with a $1,500 first-year setup fee (includes judicatory-specific customization, onboarding and orientation training, and a 30-day checkup consult).

Version 2.0 of the CVA-JP will officially launch in late June.

From now until June 30, FaithX is offering CVA-JP subscriptions at 10% off for the first year (after June 30 a 5% Early Bird Discount will still be available.