Missional Context Reports

We help congregations survive and thrive in challenging times through data-grounded discernment.

A Missional Context Report is an analysis of 10 key characteristics a population segment relevant to reaching and engaging them in both community and congregational contexts based on marketing research.

Affluent Estates
MCR 1A — Top Tier
MCR 1B — Professional Pride
MCR 1C — Boomburbs
MCR 1D — Savvy Suburbanites
MCR 1E — Exurbanites

Upscale Avenues
MCR 2A — Urban Chic
MCR 2B — Pleasantville
MCR 2C — Pacific Heights
MCR 2D — Enterprising Professionals

Uptown Individuals
MCR 3A — Laptops and Lattes
MCR 3B — Metro Renters
MCR 3C — Trendsetters

Family Landscapes
MCR 4A — Workday Drive
MCR 4B — Home Improvement
MCR 4C — Middleburg

MCR 5A — Comfortable Empty Nesters
MCR 5B — In Style
MCR 5C — Parks and Rec
MCR 5D — Rustbelt Traditions
MCR 5E — Midlife Constants

Cozy Country Living
MCR 6A — Green Acres
MCR 6B — Salt of the Earth
MCR 6C — The Great Outdoors
MCR 6D — Prairie Living
MCR 6E — Rural Resort Dwellers
MCR 6F — Heartland Communities

Sprouting Explorers
MCR 7A — Up and Coming Families
MCR 7B — Urban Villages
MCR 7C — Urban Edge Families
MCR 7D — Forging Opportunity
MCR 7E — Farm to Table
MCR 7F — Southwestern Families

Middle Ground
MCR 8A — City Lights
MCR 8B — Emerald City
MCR 8C — Bright Young Professionals
MCR 8D — Downtown Melting Pot
MCR 8E — Front Porches
MCR 8F — Old and Newcomers
MCR 8G — Hometown Heritage

Senior Styles
MCR 9A — Gold and Silver
MCR 9B — Golden Years
MCR 9C — The Elders
MCR 9D — Senior Escapes
MCR 9E — Retirement Communities
MCR 9F — Social Security Set

Rustic Outposts
MCR 10A — Southern Satellites
MCR 10B — Rooted Rural
MCR 10C — Economic BedRock
MCR 10D — Down the Road
MCR 10E — Rural Bypasses

Mid-Town Singles
MCR 11A — City Strivers
MCR 11B — Young and Restless
MCR 11C — Metro Fusion
MCR 11D — Set to Impress
MCR 11E — City Commons

MCR 12A — Family Foundations
MCR 12B — Traditional Living
MCR 12C — Small Town Simplicity
MCR 12D — Modest Income Homes

Next Wave
MCR 13A — Diverse Convergence
MCR 13B — Family Extensions
MCR 13C — NeWest Residents
MCR 13D — Fresh Ambitions
MCR 13E — High Rise Renters

Scholars and Patriots
MCR 14A — Military Proximity
MCR 14B — College Towns
MCR 14C — Dorms to Diplomas