How We’re Different

We help congregations survive and thrive in challenging times through data-grounded discernment.


We enable congregations to improve their vitality and sustainability by more deeply understanding and more effectively engaging the neighborhoods they serve. We do this by providing them with tools and strategies they require to ascertain their own strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots, explore neighborhood missional opportunities and challenges, and leveraging their strengths to engage the opportunities.


We offer missional services and resources for congregations and judicatories, including:

  • Congregational Vitality Assessment
  • Neighborhood Missional Opportunity Assessment
  • Strategic Missional Planning
  • MapDash for Faith Communities and other missional analysis tools
  • Webinars and Online Content


Our clients include congregations, judicatories, and denominational leadership bodies in a growing number of denominations and faith traditions.


The FaithX Project, Inc. was founded in 2016 by the Rev. Ken Howard as a ministry to congregations, judicatories, and denominational bodies of all faith traditions.

In 2017, FaithX affiliated with Datastory, a GIS firm located in Baltimore, Maryland in a collaborative effort to design MapDash for Faith Communities: a uniquely powerful, interactive, online missional assessment and planning tool. FaithX is the authorized provider of MapDash for Faith Communities.

FaithX is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We hold a platinum rating for organizational transparency


Our growing team brings decades of diverse experience in a variety of denominations and cultures.
Team members include:

Ken Howard, FaithX Founder and Executive Director Manager. Ken is an ordained Episcopal clergyperson with 25+ years of experience in church planting and congregational redevelopment, and holds a masters degrees in divinity (with thesis honors) and education.

Mary Frances, FaithX Senior Consultant. Mary is an ordained Lutheran clergyperson with more than 20+ years of experience in church planting and congregational redevelopment.

Steve Matthews, FaithX Senior Consultant. Steve has more than a decade of experience in church planting and congregational redevelopment.

Katie Romano Griffin, FaithX Adjunct Consultant for Multicultural Issues. Katie is an ordained Unitarian Universalist clergyperson with nearly a decade of multicultural experience and a background in marketing.

Lawrence Clark, FaithX Adjunct Consultant for Multicultural Issues. Larry is an ordained Lutheran clergy person, with several decades of urban and multicultural experience.

Anne Gerrietts, FaithX Adjunct Consultant for Building Assessment. Anne holds a degree in public engineering, and more than a decade of experience in building assessment.

Darren Slade, PhD, FaithX Research Director. Darren holds a doctorate in theology with a concentration in research.