Congregational Programs

In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, congregations must learn to quickly reshape their ministries and programs to meet the demands of the present, while developing adaptive strategies to help them thrive in the future.

We provide congregations with tools and programs to ground discernment in data, quickly assess congregational vitality and sustainability, identify emerging missional opportunities and challenges, respond rapidly in the present, and plan adaptive strategies that will be effective in an uncertain and rapidly changing context.

Congregational Vitality Assessment

Research-based, online congregational vitality diagnostic tool. 70 questions on 10 areas of congregational life. Co-Sponsored by ECF.


Neighborhood Insights Report

Data-grounded, interactive, infographic report on 40+ key demographic and missional context factors to support new ministry development and redevelopment planning.

Typically $250

NIR plus Mini-Consult

Neighborhood Insights Report plus one hour of interpretive consultation with the help of the demographic-analytic platform, MapDash for Faith Communities.

NIR and 1-hour consult | typically $495

NIR and Mini-Consult plus 1-page Interpretive Report

Neighborhood Insights Report and 1-hour Zoom Interpretive Consult plus 1-page Interpretive Report with Summary and Recommendations.

NIR and 1-hour consult plus report | Typically $750

MapDash for Faith Communities

Interactive online, map-based platform for demographics, trends, and analytics, including congregational vitality and sustainability, missional opportunity, drive-time analysis and more.

Infographic of available data

Basic subscription – one user | typically $3,995

Missional Assessment

Data-grounded assessment of congregational vitality and neighborhood missional opportunity in support of ministry development and redevelopment. Assess congregational strengths and weakness, identify missional opportunities and challenges, discern how to leverage strengths to engage opportunities. 

3 one-hour sessions | typically $995

Data-Grounded Discernment for Capital Campaign Planning

Data-grounded neighborhood assessment of missional opportunities and challenges to evaluate potential community support for improvements of property and building.

Four 1 hour sessions | Typically $1,995

Data-Grounded Discernment for Leadership Transition Missional Assessment

Data-grounded neighborhood assessment of missional opportunities and challenges to determine knowledge, gifts, skills, attitudes, and qualities for leadership candidates.

Four 1 hour sessions | Typically $1,995

Leveraging Congregation-Community Resources

Using demographic/analytic data to determine critical neighborhoods needs and leveraging congregational land and buildings to bring resources into the community.

Time and costs vary


3-4 Session Missional Strategy Development Consultation
Four 1-hour sessions: $1,995

Data-Grounded Coaching
30-min session: $150