FaithX Services

We provide ordained and lay leaders with the skills they need to help their faith-based communities and organizations survive and thrive in turbulent times through data-informed discernment about their congregations and the communities they serve.


How can we love our neighbors if we don’t know who and where they are?

How do we can we get to know our neighborhoods’ rapidly changing peoples, needs, and aspirations when our traditional ways of learning can’t keep up?

How do we learn how to learn about our neighborhoods at the speed of change?

FaithX can provide you and your team with the tools, resources, and support you need to answer these questions and more.

Congregational Programs

We help congregational leadership understand the strengths and weaknesses of their congregations and the missional opportunities and challenges emerging in the neighborhoods they serve, then help them leverage congregational strengths in order to develop effective missional strategies to effectively engage those opportunities and challenges.

Judicatory Programs

We help leadership attain a God’s-eye view of the judicatory, understand the vitality and sustainability of their congregations, and the missional opportunities and challenges currently emerging across the entire area, then guide them through a process of discernment about how to deploy congregational resources to strategically engage them.

Missional Assessment

The Missional Assessment is a 3-hour, 3-session consultation (typically Zoom-based) designed to help congregational leadership identify and understand their vitality strengths and weaknesses, missional opportunities in the neighborhoods surrounding their congregation, and how to leverage their strengths to engage their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Insights Report

The Neighborhood Insights Report helps congregations clearly and deeply understand the communities they serve. Its 80-plus infographic metrics provide critical information about the characteristics of the people, the neighborhoods, and the challenges facing their communities.

The Strategic Missional Planning Process

Step 1: Data Gathering
We help you and your leadership team gather and organize congregational diagnostic data and community demographics and display it visually and infographically, so they can explore the data interactively and more easily discern and understand patterns and trends affecting congregations and communities.
Step 2: Opportunity Assessment
We help you and your team explore strengths and weaknesses in congregational vitality, and identify missional opportunities and challenges emerging in communities, then discern which opportunities and challenges God is calling them to address, which areas of strength they can leverage and areas of weaknesses they can develop, and then develop prioritize them for action.
Step 3: Strategy Development
We support you and your team in creating adaptive missional strategies to most effectively address the opportunities and challenges you have identified.
Step 4: Strategy Implementation
We provide consultation, coaching, or resources as needed to support your team in piloting and implementing the strategies you have developed.