VIP for Small Congregations Now Accepting Applications

By The Rev. Ken Howard
Executive Director, The FaithX Project

Are you interested in helping the small congregations in your diocese thrive like never before?

Do you want to discern how your small congregations can become sustainable for years to come?

Would your small congregations benefit from research-grounded, state-of-the-art vitality assessment tools and consulting worth tens of thousands of dollars for a small fraction of the typical cost?

The FaithX Project is pleased to announce that our Vitality Improvement Program for Small Congregations (VIP) is now accepting applications.* VIP is a 3-year program designed specifically to provide reduced-cost consultation and training to cohorts of small Episcopal congregations (approx. 30-70 ASA) and their dioceses that will allow congregations to assess and develop strategies to improve their vitality and sustainability with the assistance of their dioceses, who will apply for the program on behalf of themselves and 7-10 small congregations. Five dioceses will be accepted for admission to this year’s program.

Click here to access our Online Application Packet

This Application Packet includes all the materials necessary to apply for acceptance into the program, including: 

  • Overview
  • Timeline
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Definitions
  • Diocesan Application Form (please read the other documents before completing). 

This is a 3-step process: 

  1. Diocese submits a Diocesan Application Form to FaithX (by 8/30/22). 
  2. FaithX reviews applications, and selects and notifies the 5 dioceses selected to participate in the program (by 9/19/22).
  3. FaithX meets with diocesan leadership to begin the process of recruiting a project team and selecting 7-10 congregations with an ASA between 30-50 and are likely to benefit from the program (10/5/22 2:00-4:30pm ET on Zoom).

We would like to express our immense gratitude to Trinity Wall Street Philanthropies for awarding FaithX a leadership grant that made our VIP for Small Congregations project possible. Other financial and/or in-kind supporters include: Datastory, Episcopal Church Foundation, and the FaithX VIP Scholarship Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Click here to access our Online Application Packet