The “NEXT” Sunday Summit (July 25-August 7)

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am reaching out to let you know about an important and timely opportunity that I have been able to be a part of.

I was asked by spiritual innovator Spencer Burke to speak at his virtual Summit, The “NEXT” Sunday: New Realities and Opportunities for Forward Thinking Faith Communities.

My own presentation, “Discerning with Data: How to Know What You Don’t Know,” is scheduled for Saturday, August 6. Other speakers include: Brian Mclaren, Bruce Reyes Chow, Justin Meyer, Liz Rios, Rosa Lee Harden, Tim Sorens, Uvinie Lubecki, and many others.

I hope you will consider joining in this thought-provoking series of conversations about what comes next for Sundays and faith during these unprecedented times. Together, we reimagine the next form (or forms) of church, inspire each other to dream of what is possible, empower you and your communities to embrace your purpose creatively, and step into leadership consciously and soulfully.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!


The Rev. Ken Howard
Executive Director, The FaithX Project