Breaking News: FaithX selected for Esri Map Book 2022

FaithX is excited to announce that a map we created was selected by Esri for inclusion in Map Book – Volume 37, scheduled for publication in the spring of this year.

Every year, works of GIS mapmakers from around the world are selected for the Esri Map Book to demonstrate how the application of geographic information system (GIS) technology is creating positive outcomes in organizations and across society.

The FaithX map chosen by Esri was part of our presentation Redlining and Race: Mapping Systemic Racism, which we delivered at their Esri’s 2021 User Conference, and was also featured in a plenary session presentation by the president of Esri, Jack Dangermond [view the map | view Dangermond video ]

The map in question was originally from one of our Mapping Systemic Racism webinars, in which we explored the manifestations and impacts of systemic racism in a congregation in Brooklyn, New York. [click here to view the webinar]. As a result of this webinar, FaithX and our affiliate Datastory were invited to develop a more expansive systemic racism mapping program for the entirety of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island using the powerful demographic–analytic platform MapDash for Faith Communities

FaithX can help your congregation or judicatory explore the impact of structural racism in the neighborhoods and communities they serve with a Data-Grounded Systemic Racism Assessment. For more information, contact [email protected].