Two Missional Intelligence Tools released in January

Two exciting missional intelligence tools were released in January:

Know Your Neighborhood (KYN), an online research tool deployed by Datastory for the General Convention Office of the Episcopal Church, will provide Episcopal congregations across the U.S an interactive snapshot of key congregational and neighborhood data. It will be available at no cost through the Research and Statistics page of Episcopal Church website (read official TEC press release).

Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report (NMIR) version 1.1), developed by Datastory in collaboration with FaithX, is the next generation of an in depth, interactive, infographic report describing neighborhood demographic/lifestyle data and trends. It will be available to users who subscribe to MapDash for Faith Communities, and as part of Neighborhood Missional Assessments and other consultative services provided by FaithX (TEC’s Convention Office has negotiated discounts for NMIRs and other FaithX services accessed through the Know Your Neighborhood portal).

What’s the Difference?

Both the Know Your Neighborhood Report (accessed through the Research and Statistic portal)and the Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report (part of MapDash for Faith Communities) are valuable tools to support strategic decisions.

Know Your Neighborhood provides users with a broad understanding of their community.

The Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report, when used as part of MapDash (optionally coupled with analytic and consultative services), empowers faith leaders with the ability to ask an answer questions at both a broader and deeper level.


Missional Intelligence (Location Intelligence) rests on four pillars:

  • Visualization: seeing your data
  • Contextualization: exploring your data in its neighborhood context
  • Analysis: understanding the meaning of your data in its context
  • Socialization: sharing with others what you’ve learned and motivating them to action

Know Your Neighborhood is primarily intended to help leaders visualize their parochial report data in the context of several key elements of community context.

Know Your Neighborhood
Page 1 | Page 2

Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report, when used as part of MapDash for Faith Communities, enables users to explore a wider variety of data and to create a for any location including existing or future congregational locations. Users can dive deeply into the neighborhood demographic and lifestyle data, pair it with a broad selection of relevant community characteristics, and perform their own analysis to support their strategic discernment processes.

Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report
Part 1: 15-min DriveTime (Membership Area) – Page 1 | Page 2
Part 2: 5-min DriveTime (Ministry Area) – Page 1 | Page 2

Coupled with analytic and consultative services, a MapDash subscription more comprehensively elevates Location Intelligence.


If Know Your Neighborhood is a snapshot, then the Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report is a collage of snapshots. It contains 40 infographic stats, each of which may be clicked or hovered over to view more detailed tables or charts.

FaithX Missional Planning Services and the Four Pillars

The four pillars of Missional Intelligence are also a helpful way of understanding the purpose and scope of the Strategic Missional Planning Services FaithX provides.

  • MapDash Orientation: Help leaders visualize their congregation’s data in the context of their neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhood Missional Assessment: Helps leaders examine their neighborhood context to identify missional opportunities and challenges (contextualize).
  • Neighborhood Strategy Development: Helps leaders analyze congregational and community data in order to prioritize identified opportunities and develop programmatic and communication strategies (socialization) to effectively engage them.
  • Strategic Missional Planning. Helps leaders undergird the entire missional planning process with all four pillars of missional intelligence.

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Those who engage a full Neighborhood Missional Assessment or other consultative program from FaithX will receive a complete NMIR in interactive (dynamic HTML) format.

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