Anne Gerrietts

Anne Gerrietts

Adjunct Consultant – Buildings and Grounds Assessments

I work with congregations to assess their buildings and grounds. This includes not only looking at how their facilities serve as ministry tools but also offering guidance on how to make buildings and grounds improvements that support the mission of the congregation.

I have has worked in construction, surveying, engineering, and with solar and green building initiatives. This included providing training and process management consulting to engineers and surveyors. This led me to spend 12 years as a church building consultant with the Mission Investment Fund of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America advising congregations across the country.

With training as a civil engineer (EIT, LEED AP) from Washington University in St. Louis and physics from Augustana University along with growing up the daughter of an ELCA Pastor, I have found my passion helping congregations with a combination of construction and ministry knowledge.

When not traveling to work with congregations, I reside in Roseville, MN.