FaithX’s Expanding Partner Network: A Vitality Resource Ecosystem​

By The Rev. Ken Howard

As part of our commitment to bringing congregational vitality and sustainability resources and service to congregations that need them, FaithX is creating a resource ecosystem in the form of an extensive network of formal organizational partnerships and collaborators that can be called upon to provide discounted services (5-20%) to congregations and judicatories.

Our superpower at FaithX is providing tools and services that help congregations understand their vitality and sustainability strengths and weakness in the context of the missional opportunities and challenges present in the neighborhoods, and how they can engage their strengths to engage the opportunities. 

Sometimes simply undertaking this kind of prayerful, data grounded discernment is sufficient to help a congregation get itself moving in the right direction. But sometimes they uncover the need for assistance in specific areas of congregational or community life. And for those that have access to special expertise, we have them covered with trusted partners who will offer their own superpowers at a discount of 5-20% to FaithX clients.

Some of our partners in this expanding network include:

Cornerstone Financial Services
Accounting and bookkeeping

Demographic and Analytic Tools (such as MapDash for Faith Communities)

Episcopal Church Foundation
A variety of programs designed to promote vital congregations

Episcopal Parish Network
Leadership network, training, and conferences

Gathering of Leaders
Leadership Network, Gatherings, and Conferences

GSB Fundraising
Consultation and Programs on Fundraising and Stewardship 

Ministry Architects
Consultation and Resources for Church Staffing and Volunteer Recruitment

Partnership for Renewal
Consultation and Programs on Evangelism, Stewardship, and Leadership

Presbyterian Foundation
A variety of programs and resources designed to promote vital congregations

Stewardship Realty
Consultation and technical assistance in leveraging congregational property and buildings for the sake of their communities 

Worship Times
Website development and communication strategy

You’ve already heard from some of these partners in our blog. You’ll be seeing even more in the months ahead.

Watch this space…

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