Free Webinar Video: Mapping Systemic Racism

Occasionally, visitors to our website alert us to hidden gems on our own site. 

Recently, a number of people were visiting our webstore and downloading free copies of our webinar, “I Can’t Breathe: Mapping Systemic Racism in Your Community.”

So we thought it would be a good idea to make more people aware of this resource by sending everyone on our mailing list a link where they could download it for free.

This webinar explores how faith leaders can employ demographic data and narrative meaning theory not only to demonstrate the reality of systemic/structural racism, but also to identify the specific ways in which it has manifested itself in a specific local community and how local congregations can create a more powerful counter-narrative to displace it and steps to mitigate its specific local impacts. 

FaithX was recently recognized with an international award for developing this high impact strategy. 

For more information about how FaithX can help your congregation map and mitigate systemic racism in your community, contact us at