Vitality Improvement Program Accepting Applications… What is vitality anyway?

By now, we hope that you have heard the exciting news! The FaithX Project is now accepting applications for our Vitality Improvement Program for Small Congregations (VIP).  VIP is a 3-year program designed specifically to provide reduced-cost resources, coaching, and consultation to small Episcopal congregations through their dioceses that will allow congregations to assess their vitality and sustainability, then develop effective vitality and sustainability improvement strategies by better engaging the neighborhoods they serve.

What do we mean when we talk about vitality?  While the term has been bandied about a lot recently in terms of congregational health, we have some very specific ideas about it.  We will be helping congregations address 10 key areas of congregational life: 

Vision, Mission and Discernment
Lay Engagement and Empowerment 
Context Awareness and Inclusion
Change Readiness
Dealing with Differences
Spiritual Life and Worship
Formation, Education, and Training
Leadership and Organization.

We will assess congregational vitality at the beginning and the end of the three-year program using our Congregational Vitality Assessment (CVA).  Based on the findings of the assessment, we will guide diocesan and congregational leaders in creating strategies to address areas of weakness.  

If your diocese is Interested in participating in the VIP project along with a cohort of small congregations, please submit your application via the link below. If your diocese is accepted, FaithX staff will then help you recruit a diocesan VIP Project Team, then work alongside the team to identify 7-10 small congregations most likely to benefit from the program.

Click here to access our Online Application Packet

Applications are due August 31, 2022 

While this grant-funded program is only for Episcopal dioceses and congregations (since the grant came to us from an Episcopal entity), if you are interested in implementing a VIP program for your denomination, judicatory or congregation, let us know.  We’d be happy to talk with you about the options.

Our thanks to Trinity Wall Street Philanthropies for awarding FaithX a leadership grant that made our VIP for Small Congregations project possible. Other financial and/or in-kind supporters include: DatastoryEpiscopal Church Foundation, and the FaithX VIP Scholarship Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Click here to access our Online Application Packet