How Diverse Are Our Congregations, Really?

Missing Population Segments: Problem or Opportunity 
Another Episcopal Pulse Micro-Survey

By the Rev. Ken Howard
FaithX Executive Director
Episcopal Pulse Experiment Manager

Okay. We’ve long known that many of our congregations have a issue with diversity and inclusion. 

In fact, it was decades ago that the Rev. Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr. said that 11am on Sunday was “the most segregated hour in Christian America.” 

EP Survey #4 reveals just how extensive that issue remains.

We asked our nearly 1,000 volunteer respondents to answer this question:

How closely does the demographic makeup of your congregation reflect the demographic makeup of your wider community?    

The choices and their responses were:

  • Many population segments missing or underrepresented: 226 (42%)
  • Some population segments missing or underrepresented: 290 (53%
  • No populations segments missing or underrepresented: 27 (5%)
  • Don’t know: 0 (0%)

In other words:

95% of congregations represented by the respondent have community population segments which are missing or underrepresented in their congregations.

This is a serious problem.

It is also a huge opportunity that FaithX can help congregations engage. 

We can tell you exactly which populations are missing or underrepresented in your congregation. 

And more importantly, we can tell you the specific neighborhoods in which they live.

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While TryTank deals exclusively with Episcopal congregations, FaithX is ecumenical and interfaith.
We work with congregations and judicatories of all denominations and faith traditions.