Do justice. Love kindness. Walk humbly.

Diocese of Long Island Launches Systemic Racism Mapping Project
in Collaboration with FaithX and Datastory

We are happy to announce that the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island just launched “Do justice – Love kindness – Walk humbly” in collaboration with FaithX and Datastory as part of their commitment to displacing systemic racism across the entirety of Long Island

The project grew out of action research and a series of webinars conducted by FaithX on mapping and mitigating systemic racism through interactive meaning-story creation. The Rev. Canon Claire Woodley, Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of Long Island, attended one of our mapping systemic racism webinars in early 2021, and the rest – as they say – is history.

Canon Woodley then reached out to FaithX with the idea of applying the concepts we outlined in our Mapping Systemic Racism webinars on a much wider scale, covering the whole of Long Island and embedding the results on the diocesan website for access by all of their congregations. We in turn reached out to our affiliate, Datastory, and together the three organizations spent the next six months in collaborative development of product and process.

Needless to say, the diocese is extremely pleased with the results and we all hope to see the idea replicated in other judicatories from other denominations, as well as in individual congregations.

But don’t take our word for it. Click here to watch Canon Woodley’s two short introductory videos or click here to see the completed “Do justice – Love kindness – Walk humbly” Datastory.

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