Our Free CVA Webinar, the Glitch of all Glitches, and an Unforeseen Opportunity

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… right?

The lemons…

Life dropped a huge pile of lemons on us today as we were starting our long-awaited Congregational Vitality Assessment webinar.

The lemons started falling as soon as we “opened the door” to attendees. Suddenly, we began to see a flood of emails and texts from people who couldn’t get in. 

The Glitch…

Apparently, the glitch to end all glitches had happened. As far as we could tell, the handoff from Eventbrite and Zoom wasn’t working right. Some people got in with no problems. Others got in quickly once we sent them the webinar link directly. And some couldn’t get in even with the direct link.

In any event, after 10-15 minutes of panic-y workaround, we were able to get around 50 people in the door, including some (but not all) of the people on the waiting list. As the doctor said in Young Frankenstein, “Could be worse… Could be raining.” Providentially, since we were all on Zoom, even if it had been raining, it wouldn’t have made it a total washout.

The Lemonade…

We already had planned to send all attendees the webinar video, presentation StoryMap, and resource link, so that helped.

The lemonade boils down to this: 

We were able to reopen the webinar so that everyone on the waitlist will be able to get the video and other resources.


Reopening the webinar also means that any of you who hadn’t signed up for the webinar can now register after the fact, and get all the stuff the regular attendees are getting. 

How about that for turning lemons into lemonade?

Click here to register for webinar video, presentation “deck,” and resources