A Call for Guest Bloggers

Are you a clergy or lay leader in a congregation or judicatory (diocese, synod, etc.)?

Do you have…

An interesting story to tell about issues affecting your congregation’s vitality in the last year and the creative adaptations you have made or are making in response?

A compelling story to share about how you used data-grounded discernment to better understand your congregation and the community you serve?

A surprising story to reveal about finding hidden graces in the coronavirus pandemic that changed your congregation or your ministry for good?

If you have a story (or stories) like these that you would offer up for the greater good, we would like to share them with the nearly 3,000 faith leaders that read the FaithX blog.

Here is what you need to do to submit a story for the FaithX blog:

  1. Write the story: 
    1. Length: 500 words is fine (a little longer is okay, but don’t go overboard)
    2. Format: GoogleDoc preferred, MSWord also acceptable.
  2. Send the story to FaithX:
    1. Email Address: info@faithx.net
    2. Subject: FaithX Blog Article
  3. Attach/Include: 
    1. File with or link to article. 
    2. Brief bio (include digital headshot).
    3. Up to two digital pics relevant to your subject. 

It’s as simple as that!

We look forward to reading your stories!

Fine Print: We will review every article submitted but do not guarantee that every article submitted will be published on the FaithX. We also reserve the right to edit any articles we do accept for publication and to choose alternative digital pics.