Be the First in Your Neighborhood

by The Rev. Ken Howard

Early Adopter Discount on Forthcoming CVA Judicatory Version

It’s hard to believe that it’s been only seven months since we launched the online version of the Congregational Vitality Assessment in collaboration with the Episcopal Church Foundation. Yet we’ve come a very long way in a very short time.

And this spring we will launch CVA 2.0 and along with it a new CVA Judicatory Version (CVA-JV). 

CVA 2.0 will feature a totally redesigned GUI (graphical user interface), based on user input, for a much enhanced user experience.

CVA-JV was not even a gleam in our eyes when we launched CVA 1.0, but rather, its creation is a response to requests from several judicatories (i.e., dioceses, synods, districts) across the U.S., and its design is based on their input.

CVA-Judicatory Version will allow judicatories to directly coordinate the administration of the free CVA to their congregations and receive anonymized vitality and sustainability diagnostic summaries from those congregations. CVA-JV will have a customized judicatory-specific dashboard that will allow them to add locally relevant questions (which won’t affect the diagnostic scores) but will provide them important information about their congregations, such as race/ethnicity, types of ministries/programs, and more. In addition, the language of the CVA will be customized to the various denominations and faith traditions that might use the CVA, as well as a Spanish language version. We anticipate that many judicatories will use the CVA-JV to supplement the rear-view-mirror data they get from the parochial reporting mechanism with real-time vitality diagnostics that their congregations can use to improve their own vitality. 

The CVA-Judicatory Version will be made available on a subscription basis. Included in the subscription will be free annual updates reflecting new congregational vitality research and incorporating user feedback and suggestions. 

Once released, the cost of a subscription to the CVA-JV will be $2,495, with a first year set-up fee of $2,500 (to cover customized programming). However, for those who want to be on the leading edge we are offering a $1,000 early adopter setup discount for pre-release subscribers.

And we are pleased to announce that the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma is the first judicatory to join the ranks of CVA-JV early adopters. We will be reporting on how they are using it in future FaithX blog posts.

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