Covid & Congregations: What lies ahead in 2021 (webinar)

3/17/21 (Weds) | 1:00pm-2:00pm (ET)
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Our Third-Wednesday Webinar series continues on March 17, 2021 with
“Covid and Congregations: What Lies Ahead In 2021?”

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We know more about Covid-19 today than we did a year ago when we went into lockdown, yet some days it seems there are still more questions than answers. We now have vaccinations, but what about variants? We seem closer now to returning to in-person worship, but haven’t we been here before? When is the other shoe going to drop? Just as important, what should we be doing in the meantime? And what should we be planning for our congregations in the days, weeks, and months ahead?

Webinar Description:
Join us for this webinar, in which we will receive an up-to-date review from a public health expert on a variety of important topics, including:

  • What we know about Covid-19 today.
  • How COVID-19 vaccinations and variants are likely to impact our plans for the future.
  • What we can do to create and maintain safe environments for worship, ministry, and staff.

Host: Mary Frances, FaithX Senior Consultant
Co-Hosts: Ken Howard, FaithX Executive Director & Steve Matthews, FaithX Senior Consultant

Registration Options & Costs:

  • Webinar Only – Individual: $19.95/ea.
  • Webinar Only – Group of up 5 or more: $16.95/ea.
  • Webinar – Plus “Take Home” Resources: add $75. Participants receive a 2-page infographic Coronavirus Impact Planning Report, plus a map of Covid Social Vulnerability for their neighborhoods.

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