Dioceses of Central Gulf Coast & Georgia First Subscribers to MapDash for Faith Communities

FaithX and Datastory are happy to announce that the Dioceses of Central Gulf Coast and Georgia became the first official Episcopal dioceses to purchase subscriptions to MapDash for Faith Communities and enroll in the Mentored Missional Journey.

Datastory is now in the process of provisioning dashboards for both dioceses: uploading location and parochial report information for all of their congregations, from which they will generate diocesan-level analytic data maps, including Congregational Vitality, Congregational Sustainability, and Missional Opportunity. Their dashboards will also include congregational neighborhood data, including MissionWebs and DriveTime Analysis, as well as a map layers for a host of local neighborhood demographic, lifestyle, issue, and resources data. They will be receiving their fully-provisioned dashboards on or about August 30.

Then, starting on September 11, the two dioceses will jointly take part in the Mentored Missional Journey program, led by the Rev. Ken Howard, executive director and principal consultant at FaithX Strategic Missional Consulting.

Developed in collaboration with the Episcopal Church and shaped by input from diocesan and congregational leadership from around the U.S., this 6-month program of mentored missional assessment and planning is designed to prepare dioceses to engage the emerging “New Americas” through strategic ministry development, congregational redevelopment, and new church starts. Participating dioceses complete the program with:

  • A broader understanding of the health of their congregations, the demographic trends in their neighborhoods, and the opportunities for missional engagement between congregations and neighborhoods.
  • A deeper level of discernment about how and where God is already at work in their communities and neighborhoods.
  • A clearer vision for what God is calling them to be and to do in response to what they have learned about their communities and how God is already at work in them.
  • A pilot-tested, living strategy for engaging missional opportunities that have been identified in their dioceses.


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