Datastory for Faith Communities Update: Continued Development and Beta Testing


Development and Beta Testing of Datastory for Faith Communities continues apace, with public release still anticipated for early 2018.

Our beta test sites are gearing up. Two of the new sites – the Episcopal Dioceses of Georgia and Oklahoma – have already provided us with the names and locations of their congregations. We will soon have that data uploaded into the app, which will allow us to generate MissionWebs (the first step in Missional Context Analysis) for every church in both of those dioceses. (click here for more information on MissionWebs).

We have also made some significant enhancements to the app in just the last few weeks:

Improved User Interface. Users now select data overlays from five menu categories: Base Map Display, Locations & MissionWebs, Population Characteristics, Community Issues, and Community Resources.

New Data Overlays Added. 14 new overlays (now 26 total), including: Educational Predominance, Crime Rate, Poverty Rate, Educational Resources, Healthcare Resources, 10-Minute Drive Time, and more (click here for current overlays list).

And there are even more data overlays under consideration:

Dozens of additional data overlays are under consideration, including: projected diversity/minority/Spanish-speaker growth, school-age children by grade range, adults by age range, charitable/religious spending, and more (click here for future overlays list).

If you would like to find out more about Datastory for Faith Communities and how it might help you create a better missional understanding of your neighborhoods, contact Ken Howard at [email protected].