Hitting the Oregon Trail (A Moving Journey)

By The Rev. Ken Howard


Well, it’s really happening!

In exactly a week from today, Rhee and I will be leaving our home in Germantown, Maryland, and hitting the Oregon trail. Not the game – the real deal. We’ll be taking about a week to go across the U.S., from the “Right Coast” to the “Left Coast.” Unlike the game, we’ll be driving a (relatively) new Subaru Forester (not a covered wagon, thank God). Unlike the game, we are unlikely to drown crossing a river or succumb to dysentery (we’re thinking flat tire or indigestion at worst).

Our destination? Oregon of course, Gresham, Oregon (a suburb of Portland) to be specific. Why Oregon? Earlier this year, our adult daughter made the same move, which means both of our adult children live on the West Coast, so we decided to join her in Oregon. San Francisco, where are son lives, is beyond our means, so Oregon it is. The next few days we will be dealing with packers, movers, painters, and cleaners, then off we go.

What does this mean for FaithX? 

Long term: Not a whole lot, except now we will be a bit more balanced, geographically, with one of our senior staff (me) on the West Coast, one in the Mid-West (Mary Frances), and one on the East Coast (Steve Matthews). FaithX’s main mailing address will change, but everything else will remain the same. The big shift for me, FaithX-wise will be that I will be making most of my calls (an holding my Zoom meetings) in the morning rather than the afternoon.

Short term: For the first half of August, obviously, I will be unavailable because of the move. And for the second half, I will be reachable in a pinch, but occupied with house hunting in the Gresham area. Then in September, I will resume something like my current schedule, with adjustments for the Time Zone change. 

But, fear not. FaithX has got you covered. Mary and Steve are well-equipped to handle things in my absence. And if you currently have an appointment with me in the latter part of August, that will not change (I will see you then). 

Meanwhile, if you are one of Steve’s or Mary’s clients, contact them at their usual email address. And if you are one of my clients and/or you’re not sure who to contact, just email us at info@faithx.net and the staff person you need will get back to you ASAP.

As a quick reference, here are the relevant email addresses:

Blessings to all!