Webinar Reminder

Leave No One Behind: How to Lead a Hybrid Congregation (9/16 – 1:00pm ET)

Webinar Description:

In times like these, it’s true that you can’t go home again, at least not if you’re a congregation and not if you expect it to be the same as when you left it. The impact of COVID-19 has changed all of our congregations for good. Our online worship services have brought new people to worship, young and old, some of which you will never see again if you try to bring your congregational life to its pre-COVID state.

Participants in the webinar will explore ways to restart in-person worship, fellowship, formation, and other ministries, without abandoning the gains (and the people) of our online church presence.

Host: Ken Howard, FaithX Principal Consultant
Co-Hosts: Mary Frances and Steve Matthews, FaithX Senior Consultants
Cost: $19.95 (20% discount on teams of 5 or more.)

This webinar is part of a 3-part series entitled: Reopening in a New Reality. The next webinar is: 10/14/20 – Finding Your Congregation’s Calling Beyond COVID