Our Partners

The FaithX Project is actively partnering or collaborating with the following partners and organizations:

Partner Organizations

FaithX creates mutually-beneficial partnerships with trusted organizations that can help our clients implement the strategic decisions we help them make, offering our respective clients discounts on services in exchange for treating each other as preferred contractors.

Interested? Contact Ken Howard at [email protected]

Datastory is a GIS consulting company that helps businesses make better decisions by offering sophisticated data analysis and insight. FaithX Project collaborated with Datastory Consulting to develop the MapDash for Faith Communities online, interactive, demographic-analytic platform, including its Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report feature. The Missional Contexts Reports employed by MapDash for Faith Communities are a FaithX product.

The Episcopal Church Foundation is partnering with FaithX to bring our free Congregational Vitality Assessment diagnostic inventory online. ECF employs our Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report and consultation in its Congregational Leadership Initiative and is a cosponsor of FaithX webinars and several FaithX programs, including data-grounded assessment programs for leadership transition and capital campaign planning.

The Episcopal Church’s Office of Church Planting and Redevelopment worked closely with FaithX and Datastory to MapDash for Faith Communities online, interactive, demographic-analytic platform – what some are calling the Missional Dashboard. MapDash for for Faith Communities were beta-tested in five Episcopal dioceses.

Esri is the world’s largest GIS organization and the source of much of the mapped demographics used by FaithX and Datastory. FaithX is a member of Esri Partner Network, and the winner of ita 2022 High Impact Award for its innovative work in using GIS data to map and mitigate systemic racism.

The Gathering of Leaders is a network focused on helping clergy practical and implementable leadership strategies while experiencing rest and renewal, is a co-sponsor of FaithX webinars.


Learning Forte embraces hybrid ministry with confidence. Through custom solutions and both individualized & cohort-based learning opportunities, they equip organizations to reach and teach people in a changing world.

The Presbyterian Foundation works hard to strengthen congregations and related mission and ministry efforts by developing gifts and managing funds on their behalf and working with them to build communities of generosity among their members and constituents. Its subsidiary the New Covenant Trust Co. supports the work of the Foundation

Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM Journal) is a not-for-profit, free, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes the latest social-scientific, historiographic, and ecclesiastic research on religious institutions and their ministerial practices. SHERM is dedicated to the critical and scholarly inquiry of historical and contemporary religious phenomena, both from within particular religious traditions and across cultural boundaries. SHERM is sponsored by FaithX.

Worship Times is a web development and design firm specializing in creating beautiful, easily managed websites for congregations and ministries of all sizes. Our deep roots in the mainline Protestant traditions and comprehensive technical expertise make us an ideal partner for your ministry team.


Stewardship Realty is a mission-driven real estate development firm, that provides property development partnerships, asset management, and property analysis exclusively to faith-based organizations. FaithX and Stewardship Realty work together with congregations and judicatories to help them better leverage their properties and buildings to bring needed resources and services to the communities they serve, consistent with their vision and mission while improving congregational sustainability.


Judicatory Partners

FaithX creates mutually-beneficial partnerships with judicatory clients to provide them discounts on our services for them and their congregations, in exchange for their considering FaithX a preferred contractor. 

Interested? Contact Ken Howard at [email protected]

The Episcopal Church in Maryland is as old as the first English settlements on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay during the 1630s. The “Protestant Episcopal Church” created in 1780 by Maryland-based Anglicans, is now a vibrant community of congregations and individuals in covenant with God and one another. 

The Diocese of New Westminster is situated on the ancestral traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples who have lived on this land of beauty and abundance for thousands of years prior to contact with European settlers. Today, the diocesan boundaries cover the territory of more than forty first nations.

The Diocese encompasses much of the area commonly known as the “Lower Mainland of British Columbia” and is bounded to the north by the Coast Mountains, to the southeast by the Cascade Mountains, and traversed from east to west by the Fraser River flowing to the Pacific Ocean.