MapDash for Faith Communities

We help congregations survive and thrive in challenging times through data-grounded discernment.

By Ken Howard

MapDash for Faith Communities is a revolutionary tool for strategic missional planning. Designed from the ground up with the input of faith leaders across the United States, and combined with innovative data-grounded discernment practices pioneered by FaithX, MapDash for Faith Communities allows leaders of faith communities and judicatories to rapidly, comprehensively, and deeply discerning the stories of community they serve,

One of those tools is the Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report (NMIR), an infographic report designed to give users an interactive snapshot of their neighborhoods with 80+ demographic and psychographic data points.

FaithX employs the MapDash NMIR as the core of its Neighborhood Missional Assessment, a 4-hour, 4-session online consultation designed for congregations seeking to better understand and engage the communities they serve.

MapDash Features


Data Inventory

A large selection of data (more than 200 map layers) from a variety of categories, including: People, Businesses, Infrastructure, Boundaries, Environment, Planning and Policy, Crisis Management (Covid-19), and more.

Click here for an infographic of data layers and sources

Add or Remove Data Layers

Instantly choose which layers to add or remove from one operational menu.

To add data:
  1. Click on the Data Layers icon at the top right of your screen 
  2. Select a Category
  3. Find the Data Layer you would like to add, choose “add”
To remove data:
  1. Open the same menu from which you added the layer
  2. Select “remove” to delete the layer from MapDash
Add Your Own Data Points

Overlay your own data points, such as congregant household locations.

To add your own data points:
  1. Click on the Data Layers icon at the top right of your screen 
  2. Select a Overlay Data (Current Session Only)
  3. Drag and drop a CSV file of your data points.
To remove data:

Data is removed at the end of the current session.


Look in the Favorites folder to quickly find the data that most faith leaders need on a regular basis.

Access to a Vast Universe of Data

Not finding exactly what you need? Curious to see what’s out there in the GIS world? MapDash unlocks the door to the vast Esri data universe for you to peek inside and select as needed. To gain access to a seemingly endless number of datasets:

  1. Click on the Data Layers icon
  2. Select “All Data”
  3. Click the downward facing arrow next to “All MapDash Data”
  4. Choose “ArcGIS online”
  5. Enter key search terms in the search box to view what data is available.

To determine what your representative sample should look like: (a) study the makeup of your congregation, (b) start with a core group composed of vestry, committee chair, and committee members as the core of the group, (c) then determine which groups are under-represented and invite them, (d) make sure each person gets a personal invitation from a member of leadership explaining why you need their input specifically.

Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report

An interactive infographic report with 80+ demographic and psychographic data points designed to give users an snapshot of their neighborhoods, with features including:

  • Select study area by congregation name, address, or pin-drop.
  • Select WalkTime and/or DriveTime boundaries.
  • Choose up to 6 additional distances around your location.
  • Export to a live, interactive Dynamic HTML file.
  • Easy access to Help, FAQ, and Training Videos, along with a way to share feedback.

For info on acquiring a subscription to MapDash, contact FaithX here.