MapDash Express for Faith Communities

Dynamic Missional Planning on a Budget

Does your judicatory want its congregations to have access to the power of MapDash for Faith Communities for missional planning, but it doesn’t have sufficient funds in this year’s budget?

MapDash Express for Faith Communities was designed for judicatories like yours.

MapDash Express provides seven of our most used demographic/analytic map layers, plus the ability to generate our popular and powerful Neighborhood Insights Reports.

Map Layers

MapDash Express contains seven of our most requested interactive data map layers:

  • Places of Worship: Shows names and locations of all houses of worship: all denominations, all faiths.
  • Missional Opportunity Index: A composite index that shows the neighborhoods with the greatest mission opportunity and the greatest missional challenges.
  • Social Vulnerability Index: SVI refers to the potential negative effects on communities caused by external stresses on human health. Such stresses include natural or human-caused disasters, or disease outbreaks.
  • Lifestyle Segments: Shows the predominant lifestyle segment in each neighborhood. Includes links to Missional Context Reports with congregation-relevant information.
  • Race and Ethnicity: Shows the predominant race/ethnicity of each neighborhood.
  • Overdose Mortality: Shows Drug Overdose Mortality Rate by county.
  • Food Deserts: Identifies locations which do not have a supermarket within one mile and a significant number of people do not have access to cars. 

Neighborhood Insights Report

An interactive infographic demographic snapshot of the neighborhoods your congregation serves and from which it draws its members. 

The Neighborhood Insights Report includes 40+ neighborhood demographics, trends, and analytics, all selected with input from congregational leaders across the U.S., including Population and Diversity Growth, Population Segments, Religiously Unaffiliated, Housing Instability, Race and Ethnicity, Unemployment, Poverty Rate, Crime Rate, and much more.

NIR Congregational Access Add-On

MapDash Express for Faith Communities also has an add-on option which allows your judicatory to give all of your congregations direct access to their own Neighborhood Insights Report.

Subscription Pricing for MapDash Express

  • MapDash Express: $1,495/yr
  • MapDash Express with Congregational Access Add-On: $2,995/yr

Missional Assessment and Planning Bundle
MapDash Express plus the Congregational Vitality Assessment–Judicatory Platform plus the Judicatory Vitality Assessment

  • MAP Bundle w/congregational access (annual subscription): $6,985
  • One-time setup fee: $1,500

Either option is thousands of dollars less expensive with significantly greater functionality than any other provider of demographic information. Additional discount available for Partner Judicatories.


MapDash Express for Faith Communities is available for subscriptions now with delivery by June 30, 2024.


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