Strategic Missional Planning

How can we love our neighbors
if we don’t know who they are?

How do we find out who our neighbors are when our neighborhoods are changing so fast that our traditional ways of learning about them can’t keep up? Our Strategic Missional Planning services can help.

How do we learn how to learn at the speed of change?

The FaithX Strategic Missional Planning helps faith communities and the organizations that support them answer these important questions...and much, much more.

FaithX helps congregations and judicatories re-envision their future by learning to see God’s hand at work in their neighborhoods, the larger community, and the world around them by equipping leadership with tools and strategies to anticipate, identify, and effectively engage emerging missional opportunities and challenges.

The Strategic Missional Planning service provides congregational leadership with the tools they need to learn about their neighborhoods at the speed of change. We help them delve deeply into the characteristics of the people who live there, the issues they are facing, and the human and organizational resources that are already serving there, then guide them in discovering, through data-grounded discernment, how God is calling them to respond to what they have learned.

We help judiatory leadership attain a God’s-eye view of the regions they and their congregations serve, and the vitality and sustainability of those congregations, then guide them through the challenging journey of deeply and systemically discerning and engaging the missional opportunities emerging at the intersection of faith communities, neighborhoods, and the Spirit of God.

Strategic Missional Planning services assist congregations and judiatories in traversing times of leadership transition by providing them with the kinds of neighborhood and regional missional intelligence needed to clarify their vision and mission, so that they might call the person most uniquely equipped to lead them.

Missional Solutions for Congregations

Missional Solutions for Judicatories

Stages of the Missional Journey

1 – Data Gathering

Strategic Missional Planning allows you to gather, organize, and analyze congregational and community demographics, analytics, and diagnostic data into one place, where it can be easily displayed, manipulated, and explored.

2 – Opportunity Assessment

Enable congregational leadership teams to explore the characteristics of communities in order to identify, explore, and engage missional opportunities. Enable judicatory leadership teams to acquire a God’s-eye view of emergent missional opportunities and challenges, and assess congregations’ health.

3 – Strategy Development

Support judicatory or congregational leadership in the creation of an adaptive living missional strategy that addresses the opportunities and challenges identified in the missional assessment.

4 – Strategy Implementation

Strategic Missional Planning services provide as-needed video coaching and mini-consults as judicatory or congregational leadership develop and implement a pilot test of the strategy, then begin to implement the strategy incorporating learnings from the pilot test.

Typical Costs

FaithX consultants can provide assistance to judicatories and congregations for any or all of the above stages. Cost for congregations run about half that of judicatories. Judicatory and congregational consultative assistance is often more cost-effective if the judicatory has subscribed to MapDash for Faith Communities.

What people are saying about
FaithX Strategic Missional Planning Services

“The information available in MapDash is STUNNING. Other church data mining programs are child’s play by comparison. MapDash makes me hungry for missional work.”
– The Rev. Dr. Lucretia Mann, Priest & Clinical Psychologist

MapDash for Faith Communities empowers our congregations for growth, helping them take an in depth look at the people living in their community and what their needs might be. MapDash helps me consult with congregational clergy and leadership, and collaborate with colleagues to think strategically about the challenges and opportunities facing our churches.”
– The Rev. Canon Kirk Berlinbach, Judicatory Staff

“When our FaithX consultant helped us explore the demographics of our neighborhoods, we thought we knew what he was going to tell us. Actually, we had no idea! The information from MapDash for Faith Communities was eye-opening and called us to completely reconsider our efforts in reaching out to our community.”
– The Rev. Anne McNabb, Pastor