Congregation–Community Missional Assessment

We help congregations survive and thrive in challenging times through data-grounded discernment.

A Strategic Congregation–Community Consultation


To help congregational leadership achieve several things critical to their congregation’s ability to survive and thrive in rapidly changing and increasing uncertain context:

  • Identify the vitality strengths and weaknesses of their congregation.
  • Identify emerging missional opportunities and challenges in their surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Prioritize greatest congregational strengths and neighborhood opportunities.
  • Identify strategic options that most effectively leverage strengths to engage opportunities.


The Neighborhood Missional Assessment takes place in four phases over 6-8 weeks:

  1. Preparation:
    • Congregational leadership completes a Congregational Vitality Assessment (CVA) on behalf of the congregation, and provides selected parochial reporting data and an anonymized list of household locations.
    • FaithX prepares an interactive Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report (NMIR) on the congregation’s location (see example below) and reviews the congregations CVA results and parochial reporting data.
  2. Orientation (1-hour meeting with the top clergy and lay leader) to:
    • Identify specific questions or learning goals the leadership has about themselves and their neighborhoods.
    • Preview the NMIR and the CVA.
  3. Analysis (Two 1-hour meetings with the key leaders and leadership groups) to:
    • Identify and explore congregational vitality and sustainability.
    • Identify and explore potential neighborhood missional opportunities.
    • Analyse potential ways the congregation can leverage its strengths to engage identified opportunities, and how other potential internal or external resources might be engaged.
  4. Explore and prioritize strategies (1-hour meeting to explore potential next steps).

Final Report:

Following the sessions FaithX will provide a 1–2-page summary report, the NMIR, and relevant demographic maps.

Typical Cost:

$1,995.00, including all resources (discounts may be available if your judicatory has a current service agreement with FaithX).

Additional Assistance Available:

Many congregations find the results of a Congregation–Community Missional Assessment sufficient to move forward with developing a strategic missional plan on their own. Those who need additional assistance may inquire about our missional strategy development services at [email protected].