Datastory Releases Greatly Enhanced MapDash 2.2

This post on the release of MapDash 2.2 was written
by Ken Howard

Earlier this month, Datastory released its much anticipated and greatly enhanced MapDash 2.2. 

It is amazing how far we’ve come so fast.

It was only two years ago that Datastory and FaithX teamed up to begin shaping a faith-based version of Datastory’s powerful MapDash demographic/analytic platform. Then in July of last year, after several rounds of rapid prototyping and testing in judicatories in five states, Datastory launched MapDash for Faith Communities, and FaithX launched consultative strategic missional planning programs that leverage its unique capabilities for faith communities and the judicatories that support them.

Even then the capabilities of MapDash went far beyond any demographic tool available at the time, bringing real time interactive experience and powerful analytics available nowhere else. MapDash 2.2, honed by input and feedback from actual users, goes even further, with an updated layout, more than double the data, and comprehensive improvements to tools and widgets. 

One of those tools is the new Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report (NMIR), an infographic report designed to give users an interactive snapshot of their neighborhoods. As described in an earlier post, FaithX employs the MapDash NMIR as the core of its Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Assessment, a 3-hour, online consultation designed for congregations seeking to better understand and engage the communities they serve.

Some of the new data features of MapDash 2.2 include:


MapDash 2.2 Datastory has a dramatically-increased data inventory. Users of MapDash 2.2 will find a large selection of data from a variety of categories, including: People, Businesses, Infrastructure, Boundaries, Environment, Planning and Policy, and more.

Add or Remove Data

In MapDash v2.1 a set number of data layers were preloaded into several operational menus. MapDash 2.2 now allows you to instantly choose which layers to add or remove from one operational menu.

To add data:

  1. Click on the Data Layers icon at the top right of your screen 
  2. Select a Category
  3. Find the Data Layer you would like to add, choose “add”

To remove data:

  1. Open the same menu from which you added the layer
  2. Select “remove” to delete the layer from MapDash


MapDash 2.2 adds a new category to help you quickly find the data that is most important to you. Must-have data you designate is preconfigured in a single menu, allowing seamless access.

Access to a Vast Universe of Data

Not finding exactly what you need? Curious to see what’s out there in the GIS world? MapDash 2.2 unlocks the door to the vast Esri data universe for you to peek inside and select as needed. To gain access to a seemingly endless number of datasets:

  1. Click on the Data Layers icon
  2. Select “All Data”
  3. Click the downward facing arrow next to “All MapDash Data”
  4. Choose “ArcGIS online”
  5. Enter key search terms in the search box to view what data is available.

Enhanced Study Area Stats Widget

MapDash 2.2 now includes a significantly enhanced Study Area Stats widget (home of the Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report), with expanded options and more powerful report types. Upgrades to the Study Area Stats include:

Walk Time:

You now have the option to place a walk time around a location of your choosing.

Multiple Distances:

You now have the option to choose up to 6 additional distances around your location.

  1. To remove a distance, simply click the red “X” next to the distance.
  2. To add an additional distance, click the “Add” button.

Additional Infographics:

You can now export infographics, such as the Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report, as Dynamic HTML to create a more interactive experience. For example, if you would like the file readily accessible without posting it to the web —

  1. Download the HTML file
  2. Right click the file and choose “Open With”
  3. Select the browser of your choice.

Easier Help and Feedback:
User feedback is important to future development and further refinement of MapDash for Faith Communities. For that reason, our friends at Datastory have made it easier than ever to share your feedback, from directly within MapDash 2.2:

  1. Select the “Help” widget from the top right of your MapDash
  2. Choose “Submit Feedback”
  3. Fill out the requested information, then click ‘Submit’. It’s as easy as that!

For additional information on MapDash 2.2, contact FaithX at [email protected] or Datastory at [email protected]