Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report – A New MapDash Feature

By Mary Frances, Senior Associate Consultant

The Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report is a snapshot of data from a 15 minute DriveTime (or other DriveTime of your choice) around a given address.  It’s just one of the many features available to you via MapDash for Faith Communities.  Put in the address of a local congregation or town and quickly find out generational predominance, median age and income, unemployment rate, access to transportation, and much more.  At a glance, you can start to identify where you might need more information and what to do with the information you have. If you can get all this at a glance, wouldn’t you want to dig deeper?

Take A Look….

On the first page of this report you can access race and ethnicity, Tapestry segments, the area diversity index, and anticipated population growth.

And There’s More…

On the second page you can begin to identify community issues such as education, childcare spending, unemployment, and access to public transportation.

FaithX will provide a free Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report on one location to any judicatory (or congregation) interested in exploring how MapDash for Faith Communities can enhance their missional engagement with the neighborhoods and communities they serve.

To request a complementary Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report, email [email protected] and provide the address, your name and position, your organization’s name, and your contact information.