FaithX Launches Peer-Reviewed Journal: Call for Board Members and Papers

After more than a year of planning, FaithX is launching a new peer-reviewed journal entitled Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM) under the leadership of its research director, Darren M. Slade, who will serve as SHERM’s General Editor. The first order of business is a call for Board Members and Papers (more information on this below). But first a little bit of background on SHERM and its purpose.


What is SHERM?
SHERM is a biannual, not-for-profit, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes the latest social scientific, historiographic, and ecclesiastic research on religious institutions and their practices. SHERM is dedicated to the critical and scholarly inquiry of historical and contemporary religious phenomena, both from within particular religious traditions and across cultural boundaries, so as to inform the broader socio-historical analysis of religion and its related fields of study.


What is SHERM’s Purpose?
Inspired by Ken’s recently published research paper, The Religion Singularity, the purpose of SHERM is to provide a scholarly medium for specialists to publish advanced studies on religious trends, theologies, rituals, philosophies, and cultural influences in the hopes of generating enthusiasm for the academic and vocational study of religion while fostering collegiality among religious specialists. Its mission is to provide academics, professionals, and nonspecialists with critical reflections and evidence-based insights into religion and ministry.

Call for Board Members

Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM) is currently accepting applications from qualified academics in the fields of religion and ministry to join the Editorial Advisory Board. If you have the credentials, training, and knowledge necessary to contribute to the high scholastic standards of SHERM, please contact the editor for more information.

As religious specialists in SHERM’s various fields of study, the Editorial Advisory Board is responsible for promoting and maintaining the high academic values and integrity of the SHERM journal. In addition to peer-reviewing manuscript submissions, as well as attracting new authors and new board members, the Advisory Board also provides guidance on journal policies, advertising, publication themes, conferences, publishers, academic societies, and other scholastic measures necessary for the overall growth and stature of the journal.

Call for Papers
The SHERM Journal is now accepting manuscript submissions from qualified students, academicians, and scholars. Visit the SHERM website to learn more about the areas of research, benefits, and processes of publishing with SHERM. While any and all manuscripts are welcome, be sure to check out the “Call for Papers” section of the website to learn about the specific thematic topic for the upcoming issue.