Exploring the Future of Faith


We provide leaders of faith-based communities and organizations the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to help their communities and organizations survive and thrive in in the midst of an increasingly uncertain and rapidly changing world by becoming lean, agile, and experimental.

“I’m a big fan of Ken and his creative work,
especially the idea of experimental faith communities.”
Brian D. McLaren
Author, Activist


We offer leader coaching, consulting for communities and organizations in transition, conferences and workshops, books and assessment instruments, research on the future of the church, and an online community of practice.

“I can’t imagine a better consultant
to move entrenched institutions into the future.”

Leonard Sweet
Author, Seminary Professor


We focus on equipping leaders to practice what we call Vision-Guided Experimentation, seven practices which that help leaders balance a healthy respect for time-tested tradition with a capacity for creative experimentation.
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“Ken is both a practitioner and teacher of transformational ministry.”
Mariann Budde
Bishop of Washington

Founder & Executive Director
The Rev. Ken Howard
Ken Howard

Twenty-five years ago Ken Howard left a successful consulting career in non-profit startups, corporate rightsizing and strategic leadership to become an ordained leader in the Episcopal Church, focusing on church-starting, church redevelopment and ministry innovation. Ken has founded, pastored or provided consultation to dozens of church starts, church redevelopments and other faith-based organizations, and has authored several books and articles.

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